The Plan

The Plan

Project plan infographic

The SpaceForTrades initiative is currently a project in its Discovery Phase. During this phase, the concept of ‘tradesperson analog astronaut’ is being defined and proved out through participation in space analog research in order to collect data and other information needed for the Framework Development Phase. Establishing this precedent is an important milestone because it also creates valuable representation and the first tangible step in the pathway from trades to space.

For Gerald R Miller

The Framework Development Phase will determine and establish the policies, procedures, and processes for how SpaceForTrades will function as an initiative.

The final Implementation Phase will integrate these frameworks into the website, commence operations, and close the project.

The operational stage of SpaceForTrades is where the real work will happen in connecting tradespeople with opportunities for direct involvement in space research. Also during this stage, expect to see project planning begin for the first recognized tradesperson in spaceflight!

All systems go! Now it’s time to bring the action…