Welcome to the new frontier for Skilled Trades!

SpaceForTrades is a volunteer-run initiative to forge pathways and connect tradespeople with opportunities for direct operational involvement in space, with key focus on space analog research, payload design/operations, spaceflight certification training, and eventual spaceflight.

Skilled trades are highly operational and training-centric in nature, emphasizing the practical application of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) to solve problems, handle challenges, and produce competitive goods and services.

SpaceForTrades believes these characteristics make tradespeople well-suited for spaceflight and eventual off-world operations, and that including this diverse and powerful demographic will accelerate the endeavour of humans as a multi-planet and spacefaring species.

Real progress often begins as a dream.

The Dream

The Dream

Behind SpaceForTrades is the dream of seeing more of humanity living and working in space –more than just a select group of scientists, engineers, and test pilots– and to see it happen sooner rather than later.

Skilled trades are the applied force of science, business, arts, and humanities. They make up a significant portion, if not the majority, of all occupations globally, bringing goods, services, creative solutions, and value to our world. From welders, plumbers, and electricians, to culinary artists, cosmetologists, designers and technicians in all industries (to name just a few examples) you’d be hard pressed to find an aspect of your daily life that doesn’t require or benefit from a tradesperson.

This demographic represents a vast cross-section of human diversity in its skills, experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. Until we incorporate much, much more of that, it will be difficult to consider our off-world activities as truly representing Humanity.

Dreams without clear goals remain dreams.

The Goal

The Goal

The primary goal of SpaceForTrades is to get tradespeople plying their trades in space, whether that’s in low-Earth orbit or on the Moon, Mars, or beyond. That’s a big goal, so let’s break it down into more manageable ones:

  • Get tradespeople directly involved in space research, like analog (simulated) space missions
  • Get tradespeople directly involved in spaceflight research and operations via payload designs and experiments, reduced-gravity flights, spaceflight certification training, and other opportunities
  • Establish skilled trades as an alternate and equal pathway to space through research participation, educational outreach, partnerships and mentorship

Goals need actionable steps to be reached…

Enter The Plan!

The Plan

The Plan

Project plan infographic

The SpaceForTrades initiative is currently a project in its Discovery Phase. During this phase, the concept of ‘tradesperson analog astronaut’ is being defined and proved out through participation in space analog research in order to collect data and other information needed for the Framework Development Phase. Establishing this precedent is an important milestone because it also creates valuable representation and the first tangible step in the pathway from trades to space.

For Gerald R Miller

The Framework Development Phase will determine and establish the policies, procedures, and processes for how SpaceForTrades will function as an initiative.

The final Implementation Phase will integrate these frameworks into the website, commence operations, and close the project.

The operational stage of SpaceForTrades is where the real work will happen in connecting tradespeople with opportunities for direct involvement in space research. Also during this stage, expect to see project planning begin for the first recognized tradesperson in spaceflight!

All systems go! Now it’s time to bring the action…

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Are you excited to follow along? Eager to get involved? Ready to prepare for going to Space? If you answered Yes! to any of those… Welcome Aboard! Although SpaceForTrades is still in its project planning stage, here are a few ways you can get started now:

  • Follow SpaceForTrades on social media. Like, comment, and share with everyone!
  • Support SpaceForTrades research by purchasing and sporting official merchandise! All proceeds go to fund volunteer activities like mission and conference fees, equipment purchases, training, and travel expenses.
  • If you are a trade student, tell your instructor(s) about SpaceForTrades and your passion for space. Find out if your school participates in any space outreach programs. And, of course, think of how you would apply and adapt your trade and its processes to the space environment, and experiment!
  • If you are an educator, help your students find and grow their interest in space, tell them about SpaceForTrades and any relevant outreach programs, clubs, or activities in your institution or community, and help them connect the curriculum and their own particular talents and experiences to space!
  • If you have additional questions or other ideas for involvement, please reach out! Your voice is wanted.